Tap into bill discounts with an eligible concession card

If you currently have one of the eligible cards below, you can register your concession online through mySouthEastWater. If you haven’t registered yet, simply grab a copy of your bill to get started. Once you’ve logged in, follow the links to register your concession card.

Pensioner Conession Card    HCC VIC 1200 dpi (2)    Gold

Once your concession has been validated, the discount will automatically be applied to future bills as long as the card remains eligible. This is no need to update your card when it expires, we will automatically check with Centrelink to make sure it’s still valid.

If you have recently moved remember to re-register your concession details on your new water bill to ensure you continue to get your concession granted.

Will my concession be backdated?

When you register your concession, we’ll automatically apply a discount for any past bills which your concession card was eligible. This is only granted on current bills that were raised on the property that you live in within the last 12 months.

How do I know if my concession card is registered and I’ve received my discount?

To check if you concession card is applied to your bill click here or go to mySouthEastWater to confirm your concession is registered and discount applied.